How do you envision a future where AI is powerful, accountable, and responsible? Let's begin our conversation by exploring the fundamental question: What does 'responsible AI' mean to you, and why is it important in Healthcare?


  • hhasford Hazel H Hasford 5 Oct 2023

    The design and use of AI for the good intension to assist humanity to improve productivity and accuracy.

    It is good in healthcare, especially in Africa because the ratio of health workers to patients is very low. A responsible AI can be a massive help to reach out to more patients at a time

  • AI is as good or as responsible as the data it was trained on. To ensure that AI is responsible, we must ensure that there is equitable representation in the data it is trained on. Humans are diverse and training data for AI must capture this diversity. AI models cannot be employed in Healthcare in regions with paucity of training data because the output of the model cannot be relied on to be beneficial to the region.

  • kwakuduahc1 Ibrahim Duah Kwaku 26 Sep 2023

    To me, responsible AI means using AI with respect for fundamental human rights and all applicable legal frameworks. An extension of the "responsible" would mean the appropriate use of such data for the purpose for which it was taken.

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