Sexual Reproductive and Maternal Health (SRMH)

Sexual Reproductive and Maternal Health (SRMH) refers to the physical, mental, and social well-being of individuals in relation to sexual and reproductive health and maternal health.

This knowledge hub will focus on how responsible AI can support the development and delivery of more efficient, equitable, and personalized SRMH care, such as using AI to analyze large amounts of data to improve diagnosis and treatment, to predict and prevent adverse events, and to identify and address disparities in access to care. At the same time, it will also explore the ethical, legal, and social implications of using AI in SRMH, including issues related to privacy, consent, and bias.

Specific resources for SRMH studies coming soon

Epidemic/Pandemic Preparedness Prevention & Response (E/PPPR)

Epidemic/Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Readiness (E/PPPR) refer to the actions and measures taken to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the spread of infectious diseases on a large scale, such as a pandemic.

This knowledge hub will explore how responsible AI can contribute to enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of EPPPR efforts, such as using AI to monitor outbreaks in real time, forecast disease spread, and optimize resource allocation. It will also examine the potential risks and challenges of using AI in EPPPR, including issues related to data quality, algorithmic fairness, and accountability. Additionally, it will consider how AI can be used to support community engagement and trust-building during pandemics.

Specific resources for E/PPPR studies coming soon