The Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy (IECS) is a research and advocacy organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

IECS conducts rigorous, independent research on a wide range of health topics and provides technical assistance and capacity-building support to improve health policies and practices in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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AI4GH project

The Center for the Implementation and Innovation of Health Policies (CIIPS) of IECS is leading the development of responsible AI solutions to improve access, care, and quality of sexual, reproductive, and maternal health services (SRMHS) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The project aims to promote research, build a regional community of practice, disseminate AI solutions, and promote public policy implementation based on scalable AI solutions in SRMH, through the creation of a Center for Artificial Intelligence and Health for Latin America and the Caribbean (CLIAS).

Specific objectives

  1. Promote research and documentation on the impact of AI on improving access and quality to SRMHS, through funding opportunities and capacity-building activities.
  2. Develop a regional community of practice (CoP) composed of networks, institutions, and researchers to identify the best solutions and implementation strategies for AI solutions applied to SRMH;
  3. Disseminate AI solutions through different information sources and communication channels.
  4. Promote the implementation of public policies based on scalable AI solutions in SRMH. 

To achieve these objectives, CLIAS will provide financial and technical support for laboratory research projects, innovation, and scaling-up projects.

Additionally, CLIAS will generate knowledge and evidence to be disseminated in the regional and global community, linking different stakeholders in the public and private sector, to promote digital public goods and identify successful AI solutions.

This will create an opportunity for LMIC in the region to access adaptable, innovative, and affordable technologies.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare: Perspectives and Approaches for Latin America and the Caribbean

This technical document, produced by the Center for Implementation and Innovation in Health Policies (CIIPS) of the Institute forof Clinical and Health Effectiveness (IECS), focuses on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on healthcare in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). It provides an exploratory analysis of the current state of AI implementation in the region, identifying challenges and opportunities. The document highlights the heterogeneity and fragmentation of AI projects in LAC, mainly concentrated at the meso and micro-management levels. Absence of AI governance, regulations, and electronic health records are among the major barriers faced. However, there is growing interest and investment in AI by healthcare providers and technology companies, suggesting potential for future development. The importance of AI education for healthcare professionals, research to drive innovation, and the collaborative role of tools like ChatGPT in supporting the healthcare system are discussed. Overall, the document concludes that AI in healthcare in LAC is in an early stage of maturity, with ample opportunities for improvement through collaboration and the adoption of policies and regulations to facilitate integration and sustainable development in the region.


  • Martin Saban
  • Santiago Esteban
  • Adolfo Rubinstein
  • Cintia Cejas
  • Katherine Perez-Acuna