ITESMThe Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), also known as Tecnológico de Monterreyis a private non-profit Mexican university founded in 1943, recognised for its commitment to quality education, research, and entrepreneurship. Tec is rated as the 28th private university in the world by QS World University Rankings.

Tec 2030 identifies three challenging paradigms to confront:

  1. One of the differentiating qualities of humans is our intelligence. If artificial intelligence can process information faster than human intelligence, what is the role of humans? What type of education should universities offer? 
  2. We live in a world that is not sustainable in which there is little trust; an inefficient world in which it is not common  to share or work in teams. In such an environment, how can universities assume their responsibility of improving its surroundings?, and
  3. In universities, should we question what no one bothers to question? Should we educate free and conscious beings? Should we encourage people to flourish? 

Tecnológico de Monterrey's School of Engineering and Science (EIC) created the Artificial Intelligence Hub (AI Hub) in November 2019 to address three challenging paradigms. The AI Hub aims to develop talent, technology, and capabilities based on the ethical use of AI for the social and economic development of Mexico. It is a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectorial, and international initiative. The AI Hub collaborates with the “Instituto de Emprendimiento Eugenio Garza Lagüera” (IEEGL) of Tec de Monterrey to execute an incubation/acceleration program for startups that use AI, called Programa de Aceleración de Startups en Inteligencia Artificial (PASIA) to measure the benefit to individual companies' performance and the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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PASIA, an initiative by fAIr LAC Jalisco


The idea of PASIA is to maximize the social benefit of a great entrepreneurial idea by using technology in an ethical manner.

The context of the incubation/acceleration program is fAIr LAC, a regional alliance led by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Latin America and the Caribbean to influence both public policy and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the promotion of the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI). Formed by a diverse network of professionals and experts from academia, government, civil society, industry and the entrepreneurial sector.


The local initiative of fAIr LAC in Mexico is funded by the IDB, and Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Jalisco. In the IDB terminology, Tecnológico de Monterrey is the executing agency (“organismo ejecutor”) of the initiative. This means that Tecnológico de Monterrey receives funding from IDB, contributes matching funds in cash and in-kind and it is responsible for the planning and efficient and effective execution of the initiative. IDB also tracks progress, audits financial results, and provides expert consulting advice.  

This initiative seeks to foster the development of the artificial intelligence ecosystem in the State of Jalisco, promote the adoption of ethical and responsible use of AI in the region through the articulation of academia, civil society, the public sector and the private sector. In Jalisco, activities revolve around three interconnected components:

  • To use AI techniques in the solution of social problems in partnership with the local government

  • To create an entrepreneurial ecosystem of startups that use AI as a core technology

  • Training in digitalization, data and artificial intelligence for public officials, academia, NGOs and other key stakeholders. 

The entrepreneurship component serves as one of the main differentiators from other initiatives  that form part of the fAIr LAC initiative. In addition, this component is able to identify, accelerate and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem that works with systems that use technologies linked to AI techniques to change and impact some complex social problems, such as: education, security, agriculture and health. 


Summit NextGen IA Health and IA – April 2023
The five subgrantees from LAC addressing female health, cancer detection, and accessibility were brought together in Jalisco, Guadalajara in a Summit with AI experts and stakeholders. Have a look at the event in the video below: 

A dedicated team from the third generation of PASIA, the femtech startup WARMI focuses on women's well-being, spanning health, insurance, mental health and more. Their passionate pitch highlighted their commitment to transforming women's healthcare. 
A dedicated team from the third generation of PASIA, the femtech startup WARMI focuses on women's well-being, spanning health, insurance, mental health and more. Their passionate pitch highlighted their commitment to transforming women's healthcare.



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April 2023

In this enlightening session, our panelists shared their invaluable experiences and insights, shedding light on the obstacles they encountered and the strategies they employed to navigate the unique challenges posed by the intersection of AI and healthcare.


  • Alejandro Abarca - Delee
  • Mauricio Heredia - Warmi
  • Alejandro Ledesma - Epiliquid

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Spanish: Cómo abordar las innovaciones en tecnología de la salud: estudios de caso de América Latina

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